BrowXenna® #102 Cold Coffee (Vial)

$ 80.00 CAD
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  • BrowXenna® #102 Cold Coffee (Vial)
  • BrowXenna® #102 Cold Coffee (Vial)
  • BrowXenna® #102 Cold Coffee (Vial)
  • BrowXenna® #102 Cold Coffee (Vial)
  • BrowXenna® #102 Cold Coffee (Vial)
  • BrowXenna® #102 Cold Coffee (Vial)
  • BrowXenna® #102 Cold Coffee (Vial)

BrowXenna® #102 Cold Coffee (Vial)

$ 80.00 CAD
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BrowXenna® (Rebranded from *BH Brow Henna as of June 2019) is an industry leading, long-lasting brow tint that remains on brow hair for up to six weeks and on the skin underneath brow hair for up to two weeks!

Brow Henna is the longest lasting brow tinting option on the market, and BrowXenna® specifically has been recognized as the #1 global brand for Brow HennaBrowXenna® is the most extensive global Brow Henna brand with a 12-shade range, specially formulated mineral solution, and the lowest concentration of PPD available on the market. BrowXenna® also promotes brow hair regeneration by 60%, is vegan-friendly, and never tested on animals. 

Used at both Brows by G Winnipeg studios every day, Brow Henna has quickly become one of our most requested services. Our clients are loving their results and the longevity of their Brow Henna! We recommend Brow Henna as a brow solution for clients who are wanting their brows to remain darker than their natural hair colour for the same amount of time that their brow shaping lasts, or for clients wanting to achieve a more filled in look without having to use makeup or invest in Microblading or Micropigmentation.

*Some products shipped may still carry the BH Brow Henna name and logo. The formulations of the products have not changed.

BrowXenna® Brow Henna Shades
(all Brow Henna shades can be mixed in varying percentages to ensure a perfect shade match for each client) Each vial/sachet allows for approximately 80-100x uses and comes in a vial or sachet.
  • 10 ml vials (suggested for the initial order of each BrowXenna® shade)
  • 10 ml refill sachets (suggested for re-orders to re-fill existing vials)
Blonde Shades:
  • #201 Pearl Blonde (Warm)
  • #202 Light Blonde (Cool)
  • #203 Light Chestnut (Warm)
  • #204 Golden Blonde (Warm)
  • #205 Dark Blonde/Dark Taupe (Cool)
Brunette Shades:
  • #101 Neutral Brown (Warm)
  • #102 Cold Coffee (Cool)
  • #103 Rich Taupe (Cool)
  • #104 Dark Chocolate (Cool)
  • #105 Frosty Auburn/Chestnut (Warm)
  • **NEW** #106 Dust Brown (Cool)
  • **NEW** #107 Dark Earth (Warm)
  • **NEW** #108 Wood Wine (Warm)
Colour Correctors:
  • #210 Amber Concentrate (Warm)
  • #110 Graphite Concentrate (Cool)

In addition to the Brow Henna powder, BrowXenna® created a product line of specially-formulated solutions to complete the Brow Henna service *sold separately*:
  • BrowXenna® Mineral Solution (30 ml or 50 ml ) *REQUIRED for mixing
  • BrowXenna® Shampoo-Foam (30 ml or 100 ml) 
  • BrowXenna® Two-Phase Tonic (30 ml or 100 ml)
  • BrowXenna® Brow Oil
For your copy of the BrowXenna® Product Guide containing information on the application, shade selecting, shade mixing, MSDS, ingredients, and aftercare instructions for clients; please email our BrowXenna® expert at 
Brows by G Inc. is proud to be the Canadian distributor of BrowXenna®. BrowXenna® is made and manufactured in Russia and is specially designed for use on the brow area only. BrowXenna® was formulated and created by Irina Levchuk and follows all EU guidelines and regulations.
Please Note: This is a professional brand intended for certified professionals only. As such, it is expected that customers purchasing BrowXenna® possess adequate knowledge in order to perform the Brow Henna service on their clientele. Brows by G assumes no risk or responsibility for the misuse of this product. 

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