A semi-permanent lipstick effect that creates definition, increases the look of plumpness and evenly pigments the lips for a youthful
'wake up and go' lip enhancement.

Lip Blush is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo intended to give lips a natural flushed or “blush” look. It can also be used to correct lips that are cool-toned in colour or to create a darker more vibrant shade that resembles a lipstick or lip stain, but lasts up to 3 years before needing a touch up!

During your consultation, we will assess the lips and lip area to ensure you are a candidate for the service. We will discuss how to prepare for the procedure and go over any contraindications. We will also look at colour options and ensure you are completely comfortable before booking your full procedure.

Lip Blush is performed with our state-of-the-art Micropigmentation machine that is also used for our Brow, Eyeliner and Freckle services! A numbing agent will be applied throughout your procedure as the lips are a sensitive area. After the procedure area heals, a touch-up appointment will be needed. Your touch up should be booked for 8-weeks after your initial appointment to ensure full colour bloom is achieved.

Curious about our Lip Blush Aftercare?
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Required. Must be booked prior to first session. No Charge.

Micropigmentation Lip Blush


*Micropigmentation is a two-step process.

The Touch Up Appointment should be booked approx. six-weeks after the Initial Micropigmentation Appointment.


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