When I started with Brows by G back in 2016, It was so interesting for me to learn about the world of Body Modification services. Although we appear as a glamorous salon/spa, we fall under the Body Modification category for our types of services. Body Modification encompasses all tattooing, piercing, and electrolysis type services. Although we do not look the way traditional tattooing studios look, our procedure rooms and sanitization areas are all maintained, regulated and cleaned with the utmost protection and care several times a day, before and after each client, as well as monitored and checked in-on by our health inspectors regularly. Health and safety is one of the core values at Brows by G and it has always been extremely important for us to go above and beyond in this area for our clients.

Although rumours are swirling about the tattooing (Body Modification) bi-laws, and how they might no longer be in effect for Manitoba in 2020, we are committed to upholding the highest level of health and safety regardless! Other Provinces in Canada have always had more lax regulations, however traveling to other cities while teaching our training programs, have taught us how important it is to teach the “Manitoba standards” regardless, for best practice!

There are a lot of aspects of the Body Modification bi-laws that are absolutely necessary to maintain a high level of sanitization. However, most people who are not in the industry don’t know that the bi-laws also contain regulations like specific ceiling tile material, having accessible hot and cold water in each procedure room (with liquid hand soap and single use paper towel dispensers), and allowing only the technician and the client in the room while the procedure is active. These are only a few examples of the requirements of a Body Modification establishment. If you are interested in learning more about the requirements, feel free to click here

We also must maintain an active Body Modification Establishment permit, which hangs on the wall publicly at the front of both of our Winnipeg studios! Each Microblading and/or Micropigmentation Specialist also must keep a current Body Modification license hanging publicly at the studios. These permits are renewed every 3-years and require the technician to complete and pass a written test issued by the city. More information on Body Modification licensing can be found here

Although our standards are maintained mostly behind the scenes, each client that comes in for a Microblading or Micropigmentation procedure at Brows by G is walked through our methods and shown that each tool used is single-use and disposable. We also pride ourselves on educating clients on our restrictions, the reasons behind them and ensure that our amazing clients are always in-the-know with how much effort we put in to maintaining a perfectly sanitized, above board, certified, and pristine environment.

Cara Dveris
Director of Operations, Brows by G