Opening a second location in Winnipeg presented multiple areas of opportunity to ensure that our team remained intact throughout the process and for the years following. When I began prepping the operations side of things for our Brows by G studio expansion back in 2017, It was a top priority for me to keep our team unified.

My efforts started from the client perspective, which included the need to maintain a seamless booking experience. When calling to book an appointment, how inconvenient would it be to hear something along the lines of “Sorry, wrong location!“. In an effort to eliminate this potential inconvenience, we switched our booking system to incorporate two locations, changed to an internally controlled phone system with a transfer function, as well as merged all client files between locations. We also set up an internal messaging platform for the entire team and adjusted our Brow Specialist’s schedules to split their time between both locations.

Our client experience is always at the forefront of my mind, but our ‘staff experience’ is equally as important to me . From the beginning, G and I have always been very conscious of setting and monitoring the internal culture of our team. Collectively, we refer to ourselves as a team in order to facilitate a mindset of collaboration, internal education and support. It was a goal of mine to avoid having ‘The Grant Team’ and ‘The Provencher Team’ as that would not reflect our passion of inclusivity. Our inclusivity policy is not just for our clients, it is also an internal value that we stress as much as possible with our entire team!

One of my favourite coined initiatives that attributes to our unified team is called “Shift Flip” (Sounds fun right?) This internal initiative flips our Grant Studio Manager and Provencher Studio Coordinator’s studio location every Wednesday. This allows the team members that are full-time at a single location to have a change of scenery for the day, spend time with the team members that they might not see on a daily basis, and help identify any changes with our physical studio as they are coming in with a different perspective. Shift flip (not yet trademarked, but I’m working on it) has become a Brows by G-wide recognized term and I know I look forward to our shift flip dance parties twice a month! It’s truly the small things that make the biggest impact in all aspects of business (in my opinion).

The amount of internal growth we have gone through in the past few years has been extremely fascinating to me. Collaboratively, Management has risen to meet the expectations of a growing team and client base. We’ve adjusted our internal structuring and created new and exciting opportunities for each staff member. We have introduced a texting system for our clients, paperless consent forms, improved our booking systems further and created sustainable and fun initiatives at both studios to ensure our clients know how much it means to us that they have chosen to be a client of Brows by G.

Now, heading into 2020 we have a team of 25 incredible individuals shared between two locations and three divisions (Services/Studios, Training and Product/Online Store). Each team member at Brows by G contributes to our workplace values with a stressed importance on teamwork, ensuring an excellent client experience on all levels and being dedicated to infinite growth. Each step along our progression as a company has been from the heart, client-focused, assessed from multiple perspectives and always comes back to ensuring we remain unified, as one incredibly passionate team.

Cara Dveris
Director of Operations