As I’m sure you know, at Brows by G we specialize in all things brow! What you may not know is that we also specialize in other various semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo services. Our Micropigmentation Specialists are certified in brows, eyeliner, lip blush as well as freckles; all services that can be performed with a Micropigmentation machine.

Micropigmentation Eyeliner is an amazing service for clients who are unable to, or struggle with their own makeup eyeliner, or would like to enhance the look of their natural lash line. In particular; clients who suffer from eye conditions, physical limitations or any sort of muscular issue are excellent candidates for our eyeliner service. Looking your best while avoiding the physical limitations of applying daily makeup can be very empowering. We also have Micropigmentation Eyeliner clients that have allergies to various types of eye makeup. With these particular clients, we do recommend a patch-test during their Micropigmentation Consultation to be sure no adverse reactions occur to the pigments or anesthetic used. However, having this service done can alleviate the stress of testing make up products that could cause a reaction.

In my experience, having Micropigmentation Eyeliner has allowed me to eliminate eyeliner from my makeup routine all together. I now feel confident wearing only mascara as the subtle enhancement boosts the colour and depth of my blonde lash line. This enhancement creates a fuller lash appearance as well as adds more definition around the eye area. Sometimes, a subtle change can be all that’s needed for a confidence boost!

There are four main options for our eyeliner service. The first is the Lash Line Enhancement that I opted for, and have referenced above. This type of eyeliner is the most popular at Brows by G due to its subtlety and natural appearance.

Example of Lash Line Enhancement

The second option is our Standard Eyeliner. This line would be slightly thicker than a Lash Line Enhancement and gives the look of a traditional liquid or pencil eyeliner.

Example of Standard Eyeliner

The third is a Winged Eyeliner that can range from a small tail to a cat-eye tail, and the fourth option is Smokey Eyeliner. This type of Micropigmentation Eyeliner incorporates shading by blending the eyeliner into the eyelid for a smokey-effect! No matter which option you choose, we are able to offer a range of popular pigment shades from dark brown to deep black.
Example of Winged Eyeliner

Your Micropigmentation Eyeliner style should be selected based on your personal preferences and goals for your everyday look. A no-charge Micropigmentation Consultation is booked prior to all eyeliner services. During your consultation, your Specialist will overview the different options available, perform a skin analysis and ensure all of the contraindications are outlined before the procedure date. Clients with Micropigmentation Eyeliner are unable to wear mascara while the area is healing and lash-extensions must be removed prior to the service to avoid irritation, and to allow our Brow Specialists to see the area clearly. Other restrictions however, are similar to all of our semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo service restrictions. So, most Microblading and Micropigmentation Brow candidates are also candidates for Micropigmentation Eyeliner!

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Cara Dveris
Director of Operations, Brows by G