The permanent makeup industry has come a long way. Although basic techniques have existed for centuries, permanent makeup (also known as cosmetic tattooing) has been redeveloped, modernized with new technology, as well as enhanced with new methods and tools. The term “Microblading” is now recognized outside of the permanent makeup industry and the term “Micropigmentation” is following closely behind.

Microblading is used primarily for eyebrows, mimicking the look of natural brows and hair growth patterns to create the most natural result possible. Micropigmentation however, can be used in a variety of areas on the body for procedures such as: Brow Micropigmentation, Eyeliner Micropigmentation, Lip Shading, Facial Freckles, Scalp Micropigmentation, Areola Restoration and even Permanent Makeup Lightening with saline. The Micropigmentation machine (versus the manual pen used for Microblading) allows the incorporation of hair strokes along with shading techniques to create styles closely mimicking makeup effects. Typically, Microblading strokes are placed in the epidermis, a more superficial layer of the skin, so the strokes fade out evenly over time and remain crisp. Micropigmentation machines however, reach a deeper layer of skin, creating longer lasting results.

Although Microblading and Micropigmentation Brows are for the most part all-encompassing in terms of style, other styles have surfaced over the past few years such as, ‘nano brows’, ‘eyebrow misting’ and ‘feather brows’. Most of these techniques are done with the Micropigmentation machine as well, however as the industry continues to grow and expand, there are new techniques and tools that are being researched and developed every day.

At Brows by G, we provide our clients with four options for Micropigmentation Brows:

Hair Stroke Brows. This Micropigmentation technique mimics the style of Microblading but is done with a Micropigmentation machine. The hair strokes will be a bit bolder throughout the brow and will last longer under the skin.

Ombre Brows. The word ‘Ombré’ means ‘shading’ in French, and refers to a gradual blending and transition of one hue to another. In reference to brows, this shading technique starts off lighter at the head of the brow and becomes more boldly shaded toward the tail of the brow.

Combo Brows. A combination between the hair stroke style and the Ombre shading technique to create a full brow look while maintaining a realistic and natural front of the brow.

Powder Brows. This Micropigmentation technique ranges from fully filled-in to heavily, but not fully shaded throughout the brow. Powder brows have a bolder look and are suggested for someone that prefers their brows to be filled in fully with makeup, pre-Micropigmentation.

Brows by G clients are required to book a short consultation appointment prior to scheduling their initial Micropigmentation appointment. This consultation ensures that our Brow Specialists are able to overview the four styles offered, as well as recommend which style is best suited to their client’s individual preferences. At a Microblading or Micropigmentation consultation, our Brow Specialists use brow pencils to show clients what their brows will look like with their chosen style and technique. This step ensures that clients are comfortable with their chosen style before their actual appointment and allows time to explore what they do or do not like. At Brows by G, we advise beginning with subtle changes to ease clients into the world of permanent makeup! Because of the recommended subtly to start, most of our clients begin their brow journey with Microblading. When it is time to book a Microblading touch up, clients are welcome to request a Micropigmentation consultation to discuss and explore all of the options available to them. We are proud to offer various permanent makeup styles and techniques to be able to provide a suitable option for all of our clients.

Cara Dveris
Director of Operations, Brows by G

Micropigmentation and Microblading Consultations can be booked: HERE