Since Brows by G was founded in 2015, we have devoted resources, time, and energy into maintaining a standard of excellence. One of the many benefits of being a Brow Specialist working for a company that is so passionate about maintaining this standard, is the emphasis that is placed on continued education.

Our Brow Specialists have the opportunity to learn additional skill sets and grow with the business, as well as take beginner up to advanced-level training courses both internally and externally. We encourage every member of our team to learn from a variety of industry leading experts to ensure they are always the knowledge holders in the services they offer.

The cosmetic tattoo industry has grown exponentially in the past few years. Five years ago, I didn’t even know what Microblading was, and I sure as hell didn’t know about Micropigmentation or Areola Restoration! Giovanna (Our Founder and CEO) had an inkling that the industry was about to take off and would revolutionize permanent makeup. With a lot of training, practice, and hard-work, Brows by G became the industry leader in these specialized services within the first year of opening.

Being industry leaders puts a lot of pressure on our management team to constantly stay up-to-date with service trends; but this ongoing pressure has fueled our continued research for each new advancement that comes to market. For example, we have tried five different Micropigmentation machines. The first four were not ‘bad’ by any means and are actually from well-known brands in the cosmetic tattoo industry. However, after testing these machines, we knew we could find something even better. The Micropigmentation machines we are currently using at our two Winnipeg studios are lightweight, extremely precise, and have the ability to work with nano needles for our Micropigmentation Brow Hair Stroke service. When it comes to the Microblading pens we use for each and every Microblading service, we weren’t satisfied with any of the products available on the market, so we custom designed and engineered our very own MICROLUXE Microblading Pens from scratch with the help of some amazing experts!

Using only the best quality pens, machines, needles, pigments, wax, tint, and materials has allowed us to offer the highest quality services. In conjunction with the extensive internal and external training that we provide to our Brow Specialists, we are proud to be able to use only the best products on our amazing clients that truly deserve the best.

In 2019 so far, we have invested in four external training programs for our Senior Brow Specialists! One of which is for a new service that we will be offering starting this summer (stay tuned!). We have also committed to organizing internal workshops with our Brow Specialists to be able to develop, share, and work with each other as a team.

Investing back into the company for further education and product development has allowed us to stay current with all new industry developments. At Brows by G, we all grow together; as Brow Specialists and as a business!