Research over the past few decades has proven just how damaging sun exposure is to the skin. We know that sun exposure in small quantities is beneficial to ensure the body receives enough Vitamin D. However, improper sun-exposure is the leading cause of Skin Cancer, so using the proper UVA/UVB protection is more important than ever. At Brows by G, we promote sun protection as part of our emphasis on maintaining healthy skin. We also do our best to educate our clients on how sun exposure can fade any type of tattoo and what precautions should be taken.

Let me take a moment to recap how to care for your cosmetic tattoo in the high UV index seasons. Step one; apply sunscreen! (After the healing period*) Yes, you should apply sunscreen to the entire facial area, especially the skin underneath the brow hair. Ensure you re-apply throughout the day, and remember to wear a hat when you can to shade the area completely. UV rays are absorbed from the sun by the skin and break-up the pigment/ink particles, causing any tattoo to fade and possibly discolour over-time. Following the extended aftercare instructions pertaining to sun exposure will increase the longevity of your tattoo and prevent potential skin damage at the same time!

So, you apply sunscreen, wear a hat, and stay out of the sun; but what about the facial freckles you love getting and showing off in the summer? Well, what if I told you that you could have facial freckles year-round while protecting your skin from the sun? Now, you can!

Our Micropigmentation Freckle service has become quite popular with clients that do not have freckles, but have always wanted them; as well as our sun-conscious clients that are not willing to risk sun damage to get their sun-kissed freckles. The Micropigmentation Freckle service is a 60-minute appointment for an unlimited number of freckles that can be pre-placed or designed just for you by one of our Micropigmentation Specialists. For clients that would rather have a few beauty marks and maybe just a few freckles, we have a service for you too! Our Micropigmentation Beauty Mark service is a 30-minute appointment for up to ten beauty marks or freckles. Best of all, either of these services can be added on to any Brows by G appointment** and do not require a consultation prior to booking!

I can say whole-heartedly that the Micropigmentation Freckle service is one of my favourites! I have had my freckles for just over a year now, and I love feeling sun-kissed all year round without having to risk over-exposing my skin.

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Cara Dveris
Director of Operations, Brows by G

*The healing period refers to the 7-10 days after any cosmetic tattoo procedure. Sunscreen should never be applied to open or broken skin.
**The Micropigmentation Freckle or Beauty Mark service must be booked in advance with a Micropigmentation-certified Brow Specialist